Antony Benham

Principal Exploration Geologist
SRK Exploration Services

Antony is a Principal Exploration Geologist with SRK ES with more than 23 years of experience as a professional geologist including more than 16 years in the minerals and mining industry.

He has wide ranging experience in the management and implementation of geological survey and mineral exploration technical assistance programmes, commissioned assignments, and training and technology transfer projects. He has extensive experience on government-funded projects in the UK as well as in overseas locations including Afghanistan, Republic of the Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan and UAE. He has also worked for private clients on commissioned projects throughout the world including in Kazakhstan, Russia, Egypt, Ghana, Senegal, Armenia, Rwanda, and Sierra Leone.

In recent years, Antony has led major development aid-funded and national government-funded work in central Asia and east Africa, in particular Afghanistan and Sudan. In Afghanistan, Antony was the Project Manager for 3 projects building capacity at the Afghanistan Geological Survey and Ministry of Mines and Petroleum.

Antony previously worked as an Exploration and Mining Geologist in South Africa where he worked on a variety of gold mines on the West Witwatersrand before moving to precious metal exploration in the Bushveld Complex.

He has a particular interest in PGE mineralisation and data driven prospectivity analysis.

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