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We are an independent organisation that brings together a powerful global network of people and ideas for the presentation, discussion, and debate. From companies and investors to advisers and subject matter experts, you will meet some of the most influential minds shaping the future of the natural resources sector.

PDAC 2022 Convention


PDAC is excited to announce that PDAC 2022, our 90th annual convention, will take place in person in Toronto, Canada from March 7-9. This will be followed by an online event on March 10-11.

We recognize that staying connected is especially important and this year’s format ensures everyone has the opportunity to participate in the world’s premier mineral exploration and mining convention.

Your health and safety, both in-person and online remains our top priority. For attendees joining us in person, PDAC will adhere to Canadian and local government directives and implement appropriate health and safety measures. We understand that these requirements may evolve, and will ensure all attendees are kept informed of any new developments.

Whether you join us in person or online, you can be certain PDAC 2022 will offer best-in-industry access to our outstanding programming, exhibit and networking opportunities.

We will share further updates as they become available. In the meantime, please visit our FAQ page for more information.

We are excited to welcome you to our iconic PDAC 2022 Convention.

Machinery Planet

Machinery Planet is a leading digital marketplace for selling, buying heavy equipment online. It stands as a hyphen between the buyers and sellers of heavy equipment, allowing them to interact, discuss, negotiate and close transactions in a timely, professional, transparent and cost-effective manner.
At Machinery Planet, our mission is to empower our customers with technology, allowing them to leverage a creative, safe, and cost-effective platform to list their equipment. - Regional (is exposed to more buyers/equipment suppliers/construction companies in gcc)   - International (is exposed more to European/north American clients)

REMIO (Climate Mining Observatory)

Since 2015, the climate mining observatory (REMIO) is a space to inform and assist mining professionals and companies looking for solutions to decarbonize their operations.
Climate Mining is the Fundamental Stone for Climate Change Mitigation. Our proposal is Mining + Clean Energies = Climate Change Mitigation. Notwithstanding, NO mitigation would be possible without a substantial increase in the development of mining commodities as copper, aluminum, or lithium.

Spotlight Mining

The Spotlight Story...

Welcome friend! Spotlight mining first flickered into existence in 2018 as 'Spotlight Finland' on a jolly mining promo tour with Mawson Resources (now Mawson Gold) and the GTK (Geological Survey if Finland). We made some really cool videos, met some great people and then realised, in a vain attempt to get some free beers and see some reindeer, we'd stumbled upon a viable business niche.

Mining is thoroughly misunderstood by many and there are too few people working to communicate this in modern and accessible formats, there are even less people doing it with suitable qualifications and with honest referencing and bias declarations about their investments and motives for writing.

Liam, Teejo, Sam and Chris founded Spotlight Mining with the single goal of communicating economic geology and technical mineral exploration data honestly and at an accessible level to all.

Today Spotlight are a team of 12 enthusiastic mining and media professionals working globally in 7 languages. Our media team retain journalistic freedom as long as they continue to fact-check and reference their productions. Our technical writers all hold an MSc (or above) in a mining related subject, or significant work experience. Our Founder Liam invests personally into our corporate partners and refuses to pump/promote or support any companies he wouldn't invest in himself. Quite the opposite, he remains outspoken against such abuses of investor trust.

We have grown, but our goal of providing a wider audience with zero BS assessments of junior mining projects in terms of their team, resource potential and ESG management has only strengthened.

To honour our rootes, we have kept our original 'Spotlight Finland' logo design. We may be growing, but we won't forget where we came from and the friends who got us here. To all of you lovely people who've been part of the Spotlight adventure, our heartfelt thanks and support will always be yours.