Elena Haykin

Co-founder and CEO
Climate Governance Initiative (Russia)

Elena Haykin Sapozhnikova is a partner of Digital Horizon Investment Group, Independent Director of Inter RAO, active speaker and participant in discussions on the development of the investment climate in Russia, ESG’s international practices, current investment and private capital management strategies. A leader and expert in the venture capital and private equity investment industry.

Elena has 20+ years of working in the largest Russian and Western investment and consulting companies. Since 2016, she has been investing in technology startups in Europe, the United States and Russia.

30.11.2021 10:20 - 11:20 Panel 1 | Conference room

Utilising ESG to add value to the business – the evolving role of boards and NEDs

90% of Russian public companies discuss the climate agenda at the level of boards of directors.

Overview of the main trends in the board of directors discussions of Russian companies. Comparison with foreign peers.
Overview of the results of the implementation of the ESG agenda in different countries.
Overview of the CGI Russia research on the contribution of performance of the Board of Directors in the ESG to the value of the company.