Daria Grigoreva

Sustainability Director

Daria Grigoreva is Director of Sustainable Development at Polyus, the largest gold producer in Russia and a top five global gold major. Daria is responsible for driving sustainability progress at the company through setting progressive goals, launching sustainability projects and managing ESG sustainability reporting and disclosure. Her work covers sustainability risks, environment, climate change, health and safety, community development, human rights and stakeholder relations, as well as incorporating international standards and improving management processes at the business.

Daria has 17 years of experience in sustainability roles in Russia, Kazakhstan, Burkina Faso and Guinea, and has worked in the mining industry for the last 8 years. Prior to joining Polyus in 2016, Daria worked at Nordgold, where she was in charge of internal communications, community relations and social investments. Before this, she worked at Holcim and the All-Russian Energy Company, supervising social investment programmes and sustainability reporting. She also has experience working at non-profit organisations, such as NGOs tackling gender issues and problems in urban areas. She graduated from Moscow State University and has an MSc in Cultural Management from Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen. Daria also holds a PhD in Philosophy from the Russian Academy of Science. In 2020, she completed the Sustainable Business Strategy course at Harvard Business School.

On the path to carbon-neutral gold mining: the experience of Polyus

Polyus is the world's first major gold mining company to cover 100% of its electricity consumption by renewable energy. Switching to renewables is an important aspect of decarbonisation of mining - Polyus has a success story to share.